While working on Mpora.com I have built in some major functionality of Europe’s Largest Action Sports community & video platform.


A massive overhaul of Mpora saw the introduction of “Mpora Social” - a Facebook style social networking system. I was required to build a system allowing members to create a personal profile, search for other members and request friendship. I was also required to build a group and events system, allowing any member to set up a group or event, complete with a wall messaging system, allowing friends to leave messages and post videos and photos. This also included integration with Google Maps.

Profile Page

Mpora Events

Tell a friend

Mpora members are encouraged to invite their friends to the network, and my first Mpora project was to build a system allowing members to invite contacts from their Gmail, MSN or Yahoo accounts. Members can enter their email address and password and a PHP script logs into their account and retrieves their contact list. The member is then able to choose which members to invite before sending invitations.

Tell a friend

Video Upload

Mpora is primarily a photo and video platform, and I was required to overhaul the video upload system. I built a system which allows members to upload video files. All videos are encoding using Flixcloud’s online video encoding system. When a video file is uploaded an API call is made to Flixcloud. The video is then transferred via FTP for encoding. When the video has started encoing, further API calls are made to determine the status and percentage complete, which is displayed to the user.

Video Encoding

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