In my last blog post I was writing about an HTML issue in Drupal, and I “quoted” a few words in my post. When previewing the post, I was surprised to see that my quotes were appearing as "Quoted Text". As a web developer I’m used to seeing encoded HTML entities, but after trying various ways of encoding and escaping the speech marks, I’d still not fixed the problem.

I spent some time going through the markdown.php file in the Markdown extension folder in Symphony, but everything looked as it should. The Symphony debug page showed up something interesting - it looked as if the text were being encoded twice. For example, rather than the XML containing:

<p>I &quot;quoted&quot; a few words</p>

instead it contained:

<p>I &amp;quot;quoted&amp;quot; a few words</p>

So in /symphony/lib/toolkit/fields/field.textarea.php I commented out line 146 to correct the problem.

// $result = $this->__replaceAmpersands($result);

This appeared to fix the problem entirely. Although I’ve spent a lot of time testing, there could still be side effects with commenting out this line. I’ll update this post if anything bad happens!

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